What is Kindness?

Heart was born on a bright and colorful world. This world was nothing like any other. The world was called the Shape world, where shapes were born. These shapes were colorful, blue, red, yellow, and green.  They were proud of their colors, it made them happy. 

  The shapes would start as specks of dust. These specks would go into a machine that makes the them into a shape. Then, there is another machine that gives the shape its color, beautiful nice looking color. Heart was different.  For some reason she didn’t get any color. This made her feel sad.

 She tried acting nice, but it was like her sadness was controlling her. Heart did not give up. She tried to put flowers in a vase, but instead she stomped on the flowers and broke the glass. After a week she was too tired to try anymore, then Heart stomped and black shadow fell all over her. Without caring Heart would now  knock things over, mess things up, add ingredients shapes don’t need in soups, and so much more.

When Heart was out walking seeing what she could mess up, a little circle was in front of her. Heart was annoyed the little circle was in her way. She wanted to mess things up, and now couldn’t.

Circle recognized Heart as the shape who was destroying their homes. The little circle shaped girl wanted to help the Heart stop hurting others, so decided to teach the Heart to be nice. “I want  to show you something,” Circle said shyly. Circle started to walk towards the town shapes. She showed Heart the kids and adults helping each other. “Heart take a look at that little boy helping that grandma shape cross the street. And another small boy is picking up the girls books after dropping them.” said Circle. 

The Heart  listened. She saw when the shapes helped each other it made them happy.  Heart wanted to try helping shapes in the town too. She first helped pick up the glass she broke and put new flowers in the vase. 

Heart felt a warm spot in her chest. The spot starts to spread. The warm spot did not cover all over her. She still needed to go out and help more shapes before she could earn her colors. First she went to a nearby street and helped an old woman cross the street.  Then she noticed that someone dropped some books, so she helped pick up books someone had dropped. Her colors grew and grew as she continued to help more shapes.

Once Heart earned her colors, the world was a pretty as can be. Nothing was broken, there was no traffic, and everyone was kind to each other. THE END!!

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